kupariset varvut / Sauvat kaivon katsontaan 34cm (pari) (dowsing rod/divining rods) - Tarotpuoti

kupariset varvut / Sauvat kaivon katsontaan 34cm (pari) (dowsing rod/divining rods)


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A dowsing rod is an instrument used for dowsing. A trained dowser can trace wells, metals, gemstones or other objects beneath the earth's surface or can find energetic interferences in for example your home.


Brass with copper handles.

Dowsing with L-rods
Although L-rods can be used to obtain the traditional responses of a pendulum (yes/no/maybe), they are mainly used for:
- finding water, minerals and geopathic stress lines
- finding lost objects
- measurement of a person’s auric filed and individual chakras

An L-rod with a size ratio of 3 to 1 (long end/handles) will have a good balance. L-rods are usually made of copper or brass and have plastic or copper sleeves over the handles. These allow the rod to turn easily.

Holding and balancing the rods - the Ready position
Hold the rods firmly but not too tight, with the index finger down about 2 cm from the top of the handles. With one rod in each hand, and arms bent at 90 degrees, hold the rods pointing away from your body and parallel to the ground. You may find it easier to stabilise the rods if you bring your arms close to your body with your elbows tucked against your waist.

Determining your Found position
To determine your set position, you must decide whether you want the rods to cross (make an X) or to open wide (make a horizontal line), over the item in question. Either method works, as long as you determine which is what before you start. After determining your set position, you are ready to go.

koko: 34x13 cm

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