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Lucky Lantern - Silver Create a mystical look with the right accessories. This chic lantern is a great example. Her Chinese ornaments, such as the lucky elephant and yin-yang, are aimed at prosperity and are undergoing revival as spiritual symbols. She derives her value from this. The edits are like the Asian style with a new twist. It is silver in color and made by hand. Prosperity and luck Yin Yang: Tao was born from yin (female) and yang (male): The world full of contradictions. Furthermore, the lantern is decorated with words in the theme of happiness and prosperity, such as success, fortune and luck etc, through which the light shines beautifully. buy Antique Lantern Get the Asian ethos very close to home with this classic light carrier. You can burn your candle or tealight free of wind. In addition, the lantern has a handle.

A real atmosphere creator.


Postituspäivämme ovat maanantai, keskiviikko ja perjantai. Pakkaamme kyllä muinakin päivinä ja saatat iloisesti yllättyä ylinopeasta toimituksesta. Pyrimme ilmoittamaan jos tilauksesi kanssa on jotain ongelmaa.

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