Orgoniitti pyramidi Garnet Flower of life 40mm - Tarotpuoti

Orgoniitti pyramidi Garnet Flower of life 40mm

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Orgonite pyramids

The shape of the pyramid with its corners and points makes it ideal for attracting and removing energy. This pyramid is provided with the Flower of life – symbol. The sacred geometry of the Flower of Life: a symbol that can be found in different esoteric movements. It’s a powerful spiritual symbol full of mathematics. With her 19 circles she is currently known for her use within the New Age movement. She represents the unity-consciousness.


Garnet helps in crisis situations. This red garnet gives perseverance and strength. She brings an optimistic view and survival urge. In this way she also revitalizes the body by strengthening the immune system. It also has a positive effect on the blood circulation and so on cold hands and feet.

Orgonites and electric smog.

Orgonite users believe that energy is transfor

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