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Lilifer Tarot - Marion Costentin (Indie, /käytetty)

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LILIFER is the first tarot published by Little Darkness. It was inspired by early tarot decks, the occult tradition and my own magickal practice. It features 22 major arcanes, 56 minor arcanes + 2 exclusive cards, and comes with a booklet of card meanings and tables of correspondences.

Every single illustration was painted intuitively by hand with watercolors. Lilifer is a free-flowing deck with a unique voice. It takes root in various forms of the tarot and isn't attached to a specific school of thought.

Here's a few things you should know:

  • The structure of LILIFER borrows from the Tarot de Marseille, therefore Justice is the 8th card while Strength is the 11th card.
  • Because I am also fond of the Waite-Smith Tarot, you will notice that the pip cards are evocative and seem to tell a story, rather than relying solely on esoteric numerology.
  • Kings & Queens: In Lilifer, the Queen sits atop of each suit. This choice symbolizes a needed departure from the patriarchal organization of our society and is meant to invite a return to balance.
  • I composed the booklet in a similar fashion to that of early tarot decks: instead of elaborating on the meaning of each card, I'm giving you keywords and pointers to prompt your own interpretations.

In the first part of the book, you will find tables of correspondences outlining symbols and themes that run throughout the deck:

  • 4 Elements & Elemental dignities
  • Zodiac signs & Planetary symbols
  • Sacred colors, numbers, shapes & archetypes

As in the traditional tarot, the booklet includes both upright and reversed meanings + 4 original tarot spreads.

If you have an interest in witchcraft, astrology, ritual work, shadow work, symbolism or the occult, this deck is for you. It is filled with loving wisdom and reverence for the invisible.

Deck specs:

  • Cards: 70x110mm, 350gsm, matte lamination
  • Box: Tuck box with protective paper sleeve, matte lamination
  • Booklet: 56 pages, 70x110mm, saddle-stitch binding
  • Printed on FSC certified paper stock with eco-friendly soy-based inks
  • 100% plastic-free packaging

Lilifer was funded on Kickstarter in November 2021.

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