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Yoni Muna Obsidiaani

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Obsidiaani Yoni muna ilman narua.

Koko 4,5x3cm paino noin 55-60g

Alkuperämaa Mexico

Hygienia syistä ei vaihto-eikä palautusoikeutta



Ennen ensimmäistä käyttöä, pistä muna lähes kiehuvaan veteen, älä kuitenkaan anna veden kiehua ettei kivi halkea. Jatkossa riittää että peset kiven käytön jälkeen miedolla ekologisella saippualla ja lämpimällä vedellä. Muista puhdistaa myös kivessä olevat reiät.

Harjoittele kivelläsi omassa rauhallisessa tilassa. Kiven kanssa työskentely vahvistaa lantionpohjalihaksia ja kiven parantava energia auttaa sinua maadoittumaan ja eheytymään.


Älä käytä yonia seuraavissa tilanteissa:

- Kuukautisten aikana

- Virtsatientulehduksen aikana

- Raskauden aikana

- Kierukan kanssa vain ilman narua

Yoni is a term from Sanskrit that symbolises the Hindu goddess Shakti. Shakti is the representation of female power and is considered the divine mother. According to tantric texts, yoni energy is the source of life. To balance the area of the pelvic floor, a yoni egg can be used. A yoni egg is a crystal egg that is inserted into the vagina. Exercises with the egg strengthen the pelvic floor and can bring more vitality and sensitivity. Also, using the egg can help prevent incontinence and generate sexual energy.

NB: Yoni eggs cannot be returned or exchanged for reasons of hygiene.

Before using the egg for the first time, it is best to disinfect it by putting it in hot (almost boiling) water for about five minutes. Do not boil the egg since it may crack. The next time, you can clean the egg with mild soap and warm water. Do not forget to clean the little hole as well.

Space, time and privacy
Make sure you have a nice space with enough privacy at your disposal to be able to relax well. Also make sure that you have plenty of time to practise. If necessary, temper the egg with warm water.

How to use
Lie down on your bed in a relaxed position and briefly place the egg on your belly to warm it up to body temperature. Let your body get used to the egg by massaging the muscles around your vagina with it. This gets the circulation going and makes you relaxed. Then let the egg rest with the rounded side against your vaginal mouth. If all goes well, you will automatically feel the right moment to insert the egg. Do not push, as this will cause you to build up tension.

Do not exercise for too long at first. Ten to fifteen minutes is enough. You can simply continue doing daily things or start meditating but you can also do specific exercises with the egg.
Example exercise:
Insert the Yoni egg lying down and now try to move the egg up and down by tilting your pelvis up and then down. Remember to keep breathing gently while doing this.

Do not use the yoni egg with:
- Pregnancy
- Menstruation
- A bladder infection
- An IUD (then only use the egg without the string).

The egg can always get out by squatting, coughing or squeezing a little.



Postituspäivämme ovat maanantai, keskiviikko ja perjantai. Pakkaamme kyllä muinakin päivinä ja saatat iloisesti yllättyä ylinopeasta toimituksesta. Pyrimme ilmoittamaan jos tilauksesi kanssa on jotain ongelmaa.

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