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Mindscapes - a Tarot Panorama deluxe edition - John A. Rice (Indie, import, Kickstarter backer edition)

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Mindscape deluxe setti on Kickstarter paketti joka sisältää pussiin pakatun pakan lisäksi käsinvärjätyn alustan, upean kovakantisen kirjan joka kuten pakkakin on numeroitu ja signeerattu John A. Ricen toimesta. Sertifikaatti on pakan mukana.

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Deluxe Package include:

Limited Signature Edition, hand-signed and numbered: As a rare artist's version of the deck, it will continue to accrue value and cost over time.

25-card Major Arcana deck representing a complete journey of self-discovery, along with recommended spreads to get the most out of your cards. (Majors Only readings can be some of the most effective and emotional and allow you to see your life from a bird's-eye view.)

Heavy-duty, superior smooth card stock with gilded edges; Glossy cardbox with gold foil seal; and a luxurious, protective black velvet carry pouch: This deck is meant to evolve into an heirloom piece that can be passed down with the wisdom it contains.

A 75-page hardcover companion art book/guidebook with artist's commentary, card interpretations, and a section for your own personal notes: This book can be used to help interpret the cards, to journal about your own interpretations, or simply to display as a beautiful, conversation-starting coffee table book.

Completely hand-drawn artwork, including borders and lettering: Hundreds of hours of love and care were spent bringing this deck to vivid life in the rare medium of oil pastels. At your fingertips will be a pocket gallery of 24 individual works of art.

Evocative, colorful landscapes: The deck's Impressionist style is accessible, user-friendly, and designed to tap into your authentic, playful, creative, subconscious mind. Great for beginners and seasoned card readers alike.

Totally original imagery: This design concept is a complete reimagining of the Tarot journey, 100% original and exclusive to MINDSCAPES.


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