Mystic Wanderer Oracle cards

Kate Osborne

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Barbara Meiklejohn-Free and Flavia Kate Peters Illustrated by Richard Crookes

A witch is a h

Austeen Freeman Designed by Kate Osborne

The MYSTIC WANDERER ORACLE CARDS beckons you to start your journey! This deck offers you the assistance you need to discover who you are and how to manage life's challenges and opportunities best. Mysticism is about developing your spirituality via whichever ideologies, rites and religious pathways speak to you. The spirit of the Mystic Wanderer never settles, embodies all elements and isn't afraid of moving through their emotions; the Mystic Wanderer embodies all they are, without hesitation.
Each card offers guidance, clarity and stability to better manage life's challenges and opportunities. The Mystic Wanderer in you embodies all elements and isn't afraid of striding along a lesser known and travelled path. With 48 contemporary portals at your fingertips, it is time for you fully to explore this life; to manage your emotions, your actions and rediscover your map to inner peace.

48 full colour cards and 110pp guidebook

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