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Mythologia Fennica - Pakka Ja kirja Susanna Salo (Ukon Pakka englanniksi)

Susanna Salo

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Mythologia Fennica - Ukko's deck - The Kalevala Tarot opens the wisdom of past generations and Finnish mythology with the help of tarot cards. It comprehensively presents a large number of mythical creatures, natural spirits, events and characters from the Kalevala, as well as the old worldview according to Finnish mythology.

Tarot is an ancient doctrine. Ukko's deck follows the traditional 78-card system, but it differs from all previously published tarot cards, because the themes of the cards concern old Finnish folklore and the wisdom of the ancestors. Folk wisdom is strongly reflected in the cards, and mythical events also symbolically reflect the life of modern man. The Cards allow you to deepen your own relationship to the roots that go far beyond the obscure of history. With the help of cards, you can also seek clarity on situations and issues. There is a possibility to find new resources for yourself.

This product is also available in Finnish.

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