Numi orgaaninen yrttitee collection 90g

Numi orgaaninen yrttitee collection 90g

Numi organic tea

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Assortment of 9 delicious varieties of organic black, green, white, pu-erh tea and infusions of herbs and spices. Based on 100% genuine ingredients with a full and rich taste. 

One box contains 18 tea bags:
2 x Gunpowder Green
2 x Jasmine green
2 x Green Tea Mate Lemon
2 x Aged Earl Grey 
2 x Golden Chai
2 x Chocolate Pu-erh
2 x White Rose
2 x Moroccan Mint
2 x Turmeric tea Amber Sun

Product specifications
Certified fairtrade & organic tea
No artifical additives
Biodegradable tea bags
Comes in packs of 6 boxes
Store in a cool, dry place
Information on packaging in English, Dutch, German, French, Italian and Spanish

Numi tea - The purest tea on the planet
Quality of the whole leaf: Numi is organic tea of ​​the whole leaf. No bitter-tasting tea powder. Each tea bag gives the fullness and rich taste quality of loose tea.
No added oils or flavourings: Numi uses only real fruit, flowers and herbs to make the "purest tea in the world". Without adding oils or flavourings that are common in the regular trade. This makes for a unique organic tea with a pure taste.
Organic and Fair Trade: With a passion for people and new experiences, the Numi Team travels to tea producing countries and purchases their tea and herbs directly from the growers. This assures Numi the most fresh and seasonally picked ingredients. Numi tea and herbs are certified ORGANIC, Fair Trade, Kosher and Halal.
Biodegradable tea bags: Numi tea bags are completely biodegradable. Numi does not follow the trend of "silky" transparent tea bags made of nylon or polyester, which are not degradable. Numi tea bags are fully compostable and therefore friendly to humans and the environment.

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