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Yoga Asana Cards : 50 poses & 25 sequences - Natalie Heath

Natalie Heath

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From a before bed wind-down, to a pre-run stretch or and mood-boosting lunchtime workout, each step-by-step routine and pose is perfect for beginner yogis looking to advance, starting with simple poses which can be developed into more complex positions. Choose your workout to suit your mood and lay the cards out in front of your mat before following along with the poses. Choose from a range of short but beneficial workouts, including sequences for: Tight hips, back pain, and stiff neck and shoulders; Upper body strength; Flexibility; Deep sleep; Chakra balance; Morning energy; Bed and chair yoga for grounding and inner peace; ... and more! With a more advanced variation of each pose included for you to move onto as your practice flourishes, and modifications to help tailor each pose to your body's unique needs, connect with poses such as: Child's pose; Warrior I, II and III; Downward facing dog; Cobra and upward facing dog; Pigeon pose; Goddess pose; Dancer's pose; Including a booklet of 25 yoga workouts, and guidance on how to use your cards to design your very own yoga class, you can take your practice into your own hands at home. A great screen-free alternative to following along with an online yoga class, you'll never have to worry again about straining to see your phone during downward facing dog again!

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