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Old Ways Magick Oracle (pakka ja säilytytspussi) - Naomi Cornock (Indie, Import)

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Dear reader,

When I embarked on this personal journey of spiritual healing by re-discovering and re-learning the old ways, I have been asked on occasions if I would share my art and journey with others in the form of an oracle deck. I use my artwork in this way all the time and often create images to help me achieve the levels of focus needed to learn crucial lessons and clarify what is needed in times of confusion, so the Old Ways Magick Oracle was born. The cards follow old winding wild paths where we meet with the old gods, walk with the spirits of sea, land and sky and follow the natural changing of the seasons. last year I launched the first edition of the deck. As not all folk had an opportunity to buy it I am happy to be able to offer a second edition and limited print run.

The Oracle deck consists of 36 cards (89mm x 146mm, full colour double sided 320gsm smooth finish playing card stock, die cut with rounded corners, tuck box 350gsm silk with matt laminate).

An Oracle card bag, made from sustainably sourced and ethically manufactured organic cotton.

A very small pamphlet with brief explanation and key words of the wisdom I learned from each card. These words are simple prompts, a way to help focus on your own inner truth and build your own framework and relationship with the image.

This deck can be used in a variety of ways, from pulling one card or a spread
of three or more cards. Although the cards have echoes and influences from traditional tarot they are very much an eclectic and intuitive collection of images. Not following any particular doctrine or formal belief system. Instead each card has been inspired by nature, created intuitively, with the guidance of the ancestors. My hope is that all the folk who use the cards will be able to hear, see and feel their own truth, to travel through lessons old and new helping to complete journeys of discovery in order to embark on new adventures.

Thank you for supporting the birth of the Old Ways Magick Oracle deck, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Many Blessings Naomi


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