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Or Tea?™ Favor8 16g

Or Tea?™

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Sisältää veron. Toimituskulut lasketaan kassalla.

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A tasting pack with the 8 most popular flavours, 1 sachet each:
Mount Feather (Green Tea)
Lychee White Peony (White Tea)
EnerGinger (Herbal Tea)
Tiffany's Breakfast (Breakfast Tea)
Queen Berry (Fruit Tea)
Beeeee Calm (Herbal Tea)
Duke's Blues (Earl Grey Tea)
Merry Peppermint (Herbal Tea)
Or Tea?™ 
is a premium specialty tea brand with a strong Chinese heritage, which reflects that millennia-old tradition. 
In recreating this legendary drink as an art form, Or Tea?™ warmly welcomes a new generation of tea drinkers to enrich their lives with this ancient, yet contemporary brew.  

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