Or Tea? A Night at the Gentlemen's Club 10 organic teepussia

Or Tea?™

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This smoky tea brings out an unspoken side of me. Like an evening at a gentlemen’s club, the atmosphere is dark yet alluring, and endlessly seductive. I enjoy basking in the candlelight with friends, engaging in boundless conversation while they drink whiskey and smoke cigars. I, meanwhile, am sipping away at my favourite tea.

Product specifications
Certified Organic by Skal Biocontrole 
Ingredients: Black Tea, Lapsang Souchong, Cassia, Carob, Cocoa Shells, Chicory, Natural Hazelnut and Biscuit Flavouring
Aroma: Nutty, woody aromas underscore this compelling tea. The dark yet soothing blend is reminiscent of a glass of whiskey by the fire
Flavour: Look no further for full-bodied, rich and bold flavours. Hints of Chinese cinnamon and hazelnut harmonise the tea's distinct smokey taste
Packing: Cardboard box with 10 biodegradable one-cup tea bags
Use: Brew 1 sachet per 200ml water (100 ̊C) for 5 minutes

Or Tea?™ 
is a premium specialty tea brand with a strong Chinese heritage, which reflects that millennia-old tradition. 
In recreating this legendary drink as an art form, Or Tea?™ warmly welcomes a new generation of tea drinkers to enrich their lives with this ancient, yet contemporary brew. 

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