Or Tea?™ Rainbow gift box

Or Tea?™

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A tasting pack that consists of 20 different full flavour Or Tea? tea bags, arranged beautifully on a solid black cardboard tray. Perfect for trying out many Or Tea? flavours or to give as a present.

Flavours: Detoxania, Queen Berry, The Secret Life of Chai, Lychee White Peony, Dragon Well with Osmanthus, EnerGinger, Monkey Pinch (Peach Flavouring), Beeeee Calm, The Playful Pear, Merry Peppermint, CuBaMint, Ginseng Beauty, Tiffany’s Breakfast, La Vie en Rose, Mount Feather, TropiCoco, Duke’s Blues, Yin Yang, Slimming Pu’er and Towering Kung Fu.

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