Pegasus Oracle

Alana Fairchild

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Alana’s dream that led to the creation of this deck … which she shared in The Kuan Yin Transmission book …

I had a dream of a beautiful but tiny light. I was aware that all around the light were creatures of darkness. They hovered around the edges and then all of a sudden attacked from every angle. They were ruthless and relentless. They attempted to destroy that light and in my dream I witnessed this with a feeling of horror in my heart. Then all of a sudden, that light began rising up, it rapidly and swiftly expanded until it was thousands of times its original size, becoming a mighty winged-horse. It was huge and radiant! It slammed one of its hooves down on to the ground, the power of that action so intense – something like thunder and lightning combined – that I actually felt and heard it reverberating through me even as I was dreaming. It forced those relentless evil forces to scurry off in all directions. I was stunned by how swiftly the battle had turned, and how rapidly powerful the light had become. My terror transformed into bliss and I woke with a sense of wonder at what had taken place.

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