Sininen kyaniitti raakapala | Brasilia | 75-125mm - Tarotpuoti

Sininen kyaniitti raakapala | Brasilia | 75-125mm

Pelham Grayson Rose

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BLUE KYANITE manifest, communicate, dream PROPERTIES:: Blue Kyanite stimulates our intuition and enhances our psychic gifts. Because it can help us acclimate to a higher level of consciousness, Blue Kyanite facilitates dream work, communication with our higher self, and the spiritual guides available to shepherd us on our journey. We can try placing a piece by our bedside, or even directly on our third eye before we drift off to sleep. As our physical body falls asleep, our mind is experiencing its own nightly journey and is constantly trying to decipher the dreams and visionary details we are receiving. These may derive directly from our spirit guides or be a message from the Universe. If we find ourselves in a situation of uncertainty, we can look towards our dreams for understanding. Blue Kyanite helps us achieve our deepest desires by cutting through confusion, blockages and anger that prevent us from manifesting our dreams and finding our true purpose in life.

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