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Pleiadian Soul Healing: Light Messages for Cosmic Freedom - Pavlina Klemm

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A guide to recovering your soul and healing the karmic past

• Provides high-vibration number sequences, visualizations, and exercises to help retrieve lost soul parts, dissolve artificially encoded consciousness programs, repair your DNA, and amplify the vibration of love

• Describes the energetic changes happening on Earth and how they affect us

• Explains how to remember your Pleiadian essence, which will help you activate and strengthen your healing abilities and live out your higher purpose

As We Ascend into the light-filled dimensions of consciousness, the higher beings known as the Pleiadians share healing wisdom to assist humanity through the radical energetic changes on Earth. Due to the ongoing influx of cosmic light to planet Earth we are now able to process and heal the spiritual, genetic, and karmic manipulations that have afflicted humanity as a whole. Sacred high-vibration number sequences and visualizations allow us to dissolve artificially encoded consciousness programs and to release negativities from soul, mind, body, and energy body. The Pleiadians explain how to retrieve lost soul parts, reprogram ourselves to tune in to light energy, and heal, regenerate, and protect our DNA. Remembering our Pleiadian essence will help activate and strengthen our healing abilities and live out our higher purpose in this incarnation.

An illuminating and practical guide to healing at the soul level and beyond, Pleiadian Soul Healing also includes introductions from the members of the Pleiadian Ambassador Group behind the wisdom transmissions, who each offer loving support for our spiritual growth as well as positive glimpses of the peaceful, light-filled future to come.


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