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Queen Butterfly Silomonarkki (Danaus chrysippus) lasikuvussa - Curated Studio

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This Queen butterfly (Danaus chrysippus) (Family: Nymphalidae) has been hand set by our expert entomologists in our studio and mounted in a museum quality bell jar, embellished with an authentic, hand-pressed wax seal stamp, depicting the royal cypher of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. All of our display cases use museum grade 99% UV blocking conservation glass to preserve our specimens, and are supported by an eco-friendly cork base. All of our specimens are ethically sourced from conservation projects around the world and help to support local communities and protect natural habitats. Dimensions: 130mm x 80mm The picture shown is an example of the quality that you can expect to receive. P

lease be aware that, as these are natural products, they are subject to some variation. Home Decor, Home Accents, Decorative Objects, Wall Accents, Wall Art


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