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Runes Of The Four Realms An Oracle For The New Millennium (With Set Of Detachable Rune Cards) - Suzanne Strisower

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Suzanne Strisower (1956- ) is a native San Franciscan who has lived most of her life in rural northern California. For thirty five years, she has guided people through life’s many changes as a psychic, social worker, hypnotherapist, life and career coach, author and radio show host. Her first book, “The Runes of the Four Realms,” is a unique rune fortune telling oracle and divinatory tool for people of the new age. Her second book, “111 Inspirational Life Purpose Quotes and Exercises to Find Your Purpose in Life,” was written to help people systematically learn and know exactly what their purpose in life is. Her most recent book is more whimsical on the topic of life purpose and is entirely written using Twitter’s “tweet” format, it is called “One Hundred Eleven ‘Tweetable’ Life Purpose Quotes to Find Your Purpose in Life: A Book of Original Thoughts.”

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