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Sacred Journey into the Animal Realms Paperback – Kye Crow (preloved käytetty)(Australia import)

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Cards come in a sturdy flip top box . Each card has a gold metallic edge. They are not totem cards ,they are personal messages of wisdom from Kye and the animals she lives and cares for on her sacred journey. and of course when you connect with the animals you open doors to other sacred realms. The fairy, dragons, flowers, magical stones, flowers and trees have jewels of wisdom to share too.

When you know that Kye Crow spent three years travelling through the desert with her partner Gill, in a wagon pulled by eight camels with over fifty rescued animals, parrots, doves, dogs, a donkey, goats, chickens and their beloved rooster the Colonel, you will understand that the journey she invites you on now travels far from the beaten track and deep into the very heart of love. Join Kye and the animals on this sacred journey where guidance from the faeries, flowers, stones and dragons will help you reclaim your magical self and stand in your power as together we anchor peace on earth.


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