Salvia Apiana White Sage suitsuketikut 16g. - Fleur de Vie - Tarotpuoti

Salvia Apiana White Sage suitsuketikut 16g. - Fleur de Vie

Fleur de Vie

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Cleanse your home or meditate with the Fleur de Vie white sage incense! The spicy scent purifies your environment and stimulates your senses. White sage is the most famous smudging plant: The Native Americans already used the herb for contact with the spirit world. This incense is from the Fleur de Vie brand. Le Fleur de Vie (the Flower of Life) is the famous symbol that depicts the growth and connection of all life


White sage incense; how it works

White sage (salvia apiana) is probably the best-known smudging herb. By smudging we mean the energetic cleaning of a space, certain objects or a person. This custom was spread by the Indians: they burned white sage to make contact with the spirit world.

You can use white sage incense for meditation, to clean your home or to clean objects such as crystals. The strong herbal scent immediately keeps mosquitoes away.


About Fleur de Vie incense

The symbol of Fleur de Vie immediately catches the eye: The Flower of Life! Fleur de Vie incense is stylishly packaged and is known for its refined, soft scents. If you want to get acquainted with the scent of white sage, the Fleur de Vie brand is a good choice. Because the incense from Fleur de Vie is so beautifully packaged, it is very suitable as a gift.


Burn white sage incense

Burning white sage incense can be done at any time of the day: it is a suitable scent to cleanse your mind and your home from fuss and negativity. With Fleur de Vie white sage incense you pamper your senses and relax.

Preferably place the incense sticks in a good incense holder: the stick is stable in this. Moreover, you immediately collect the ashes.

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