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Santa Muerte: Altars, Offerings Prayers, & Spells - Marta Sevilla

Marta Sevilla

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Unleash a most remarkable and complete spiritual system! Learn the secrets to working with the Santa Muerte. In this book you will learn the origin of Santa Muerte, the secrets of Her robes and tools, how to set up an altar to Santa Muerte and a recipe book with the most powerful prayers and spells to: attract fortune and love, keep the law away, protection, health among others! learn the secrets of the great power of the Santisima Muerte, let her work in your life and open the doors to success and happiness!

Part 1
Introducing Santisima Muerte
The Three Robes of Santa Muerte
The Tools Of Santa Muerte

Part 2 - Working With Santa Muerte
Offerings Made To Santa Muerte
Construction Of The Santa Muerte Altar
Baptising A Santa Muerte Statue
Adding Altar Items
Working With Santa Muerte
Dedicating The Altar
Protecting Before Invoking
Items For Protection
Protection Prayers
Writing Petitions and Requests
Working With Candles

Part 3 A Collection Of Santa Muerte Prayers

Part 4 - Divination With Santa Muerte
Dedicating Divining Tools To Santa Muerte
Loteria Cards
Spanish Playing Cards

Part 5 - Spirtual Baths of Santa Muerte

Part 6 - Spells of Santa Muerte

Part 7 - Santa Muerte Recipes

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