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Mukana tulee pullollinen laadukasta seetripuuöljyä. Voit halutessasi käyttää ihan mitä vaan mieluista eteeristä öljyä tai öljysekoitusta pöllön kanssa.

Wardrobe scent from a hand carved eagle-owl: Cedar Oil Diffuser

The Wildlife Garden cedar eagle-owl watches over your clothes and spreads a refreshing scent in the wardrobe. Inside the owl figurine is a small container for cedar oil which ensures that the scent lasts, otherwise it would dissipate as the wood dries out. The cork is uniquely designed to release just the right amount of scent. The packaging contains illustrated instructions for how to use the product.

About the eagle-owl

The eagle-owl is the biggest of the owls and the female is significantly larger than the male. The most characteristic feature of the eagle-owl is the ear tufts and the orange eyes. The eagle-owl primarily hunts at night but with some luck you might see it during daytime as well.

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