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Sefirot - Backer edition tarotkortit ja KS add-on tuotteita - Causa Creations (Kickstarter)

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It is the year 1562. Hidden in nebulas and surrounded by reefs off the Arabian coast lies the ancient island of Dioscoria. Founded by priestesses and sages cast out by the hierophants of their homelands, it is a safe haven for mystics, misfits, rebels, and outcasts from neighbouring and distant shores.

Sheltered from the wrath of the orthodoxies, this Discorian society favours empathy, playfulness, and prowess of the mind. To celebrate these traits, Dioscorians cherish one pastime as old as the island itself—Sefirot, a game of divination.

Very early in this project, game designer Georg Hobmeier and artists Eli Baum & Viv Tanner decided to venture beyond the well-trodden paths of the Rider-Waite-Smith and Marseille Tarot conventions to create a distinctive new kind of Tarot deck. This deck would become the centerpiece of the game of Sefirot.

For their inspiration, the creators chose the ancient island of Dioscoria. Based on esoteric tales, pieces of history, and many strands of yarn between, this mystical place would become the heart of their ongoing creation, while also drawing from traditions like the Judaic Kabbalah to which they have a personal connection.

This Dioscorian Sefirot deck provides novel ways to interact with Tarot cards, while also introducing the world of Tarot to an audience beyond those interested in the occult and divination.

Every card in the Sefirot Tarot deck has been designed from scratch, through a process that includes copious hours of reference collection and research. The deck draws inspiration from existing Tarot conventions while seeking its own path, to create a final design that challenges the status quo of existing Tarot orthodoxies.


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