Selenite Round Bowl - 6cm - Tarotpuoti

Selenite Round Bowl - 6cm

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Selenite is a unique mineral that charmed humanity with its beauty centuries ago. The name of this stone refers to its exceptionally beautiful sheen, which resembles moonlight. This lunar glow, enchanted in our Selenite Bowls, makes them extremely eye-catching and decorative. We import selenite products directly from Morocco, where are rich deposits of this raw material. Selenite bowl is a great gift idea; its brilliance can charm everyone. Thanks to the variety of designs and sizes, your customers can easily choose something suitable for them. They can be used in various ways, as a simple decorative element or as a storage container. Selenite is considered a stone that allows you to enter the dreamland and read your future. It can awaken our spiritual intuition and activate what can be called ‘spiritual sensitivity’. You may also like our Selenite Plates. Order now and let your customers enjoy the moonlight.

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