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Shamanism Made Easy - Christa Mackinnon

Christa Mackinnon

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Information: 215 pages, paperback

Blurb on the Back Says
Shamanism is an ancient tradition, found in all regions of the world, in which we connect with spirit energies and work with them to guard the well being of our community and its people. Shamans are intermediaries between worlds and are usually 'called by spirit' to embark on this life-changing path.

A trained psychotherapist, Christa Mackinnon was profoundly transformed by her discovery and experience of shamanism. She now dedicates her life to bringing shamanic approaches to therapeutic communities. In this book.

She teaches how to:
*Use shamanism to help you heal, find fulfillment and reconnect with your life calling
*Undergo transformative journeys for healing and spiritual development
*Use dance as a tool for awakening and freedom
*Build an altar, create a sacred space and conduct ceremonies
*Connect with spirit helpers and ancestors

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