Shoti Maa Magic Box all 12 organic tea flavours

Shoti Maa

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Sisältää veron. Toimituskulut lasketaan kassalla.

Vain -1 jäljellä!

7 Chakras  - each chakra one tea bag
Elements -  each element one tea bag
A great gift!


We don't need fixing; we're not broken.
To live graceful lives in a wild world, we need comfort and balance. Then, our amazing systems can take care of the rest.

According to ancient wisdom, we have energy centres in the body called chakras - and 5 elements, which are life's symbolic building blocks.

Each of these varieties of tea is formulated to comfort our senses and balance our energy centres.
All 12 Shoti Maa flavours.

Magic Box:
The Magic Box is a sampler and gift box, containing each of the twelve Shoti Maa flavours.
It opens like a small treasure chest and the tea bags are separated into 2 sections. Each section with one of the varieties of the Shoti Maa lines, Chakras & Elements. There is also a small 'inspiration card' for collecting or gifting.
As with all Shoti Maa teas, each tea bag is individually sealed.

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