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Shungite Pyramid 3cm

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Since ancient times, pyramids have been considered powerful sacred structures. It is believed that a pyramid shape harnesses, amplifies and focuses higher vibrational energies through its apex. Because of its shape, a pyramid made from Shungite spreads its healing properties over a significant distance. The larger the room, the bigger the pyramid should be to be effective. for EMF protection place a pyramid close to your electronic devices or next to power outlets around your house for re-energizing your vital force, place it on a specific area of your body press the pyramid point into fingertips. Sizes & Ranges of Influence 3 cm base: approx. 1.2" - Range of influence: up to 3.5' (1.1 m) 5 cm base: approx. 1.96" - Range of influence: up to 7.5' (2.3 m) 7 cm base: approx. 2.75" - Range of influence: up to 10.5' (3.2 m) 9 cm base: approx. 3.54" - Range of influence: up to 15.0' (4.6 m) 15cm base: approx. 5.9" - Range of influence: up to 49.0' (15 m)

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