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Shungite Stones XL (hiottu 5-6cm)

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Called the Ultimate Bodyguard, SHUNGITE is a powerful healing stone. Shungite's 's power is derived from Fullerenes, a unique carbon-based molecular formation which is a major component of Shungite. It is the only natural mineral that contains them. Fullerenes are proven to have the unique ability to act as an antioxidant and to prevent cell damage by neutralizing free radicals. Each stone is hand-polished and has a unique shape. It may have mineral inclusions (light streaks, spots or veins) that are primarily pyrite or iron oxide that naturally occurs in Shungite. These deposits are harmless, even if you use your stone in water. Because of its high carbon content your new Shungite piece may shed some black residue on skin, clothing or other surfaces. This is normal and harmless. The residue can easily be washed off most surfaces. Sizes: XSmall = 4-6 g, Small = 8-10 g, Medium = 12-16 g, Large = 18-28 g, XLarge = 30+ g. Shape and physical size are random.

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