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Smart Galaxy Lamp - Linnunradan upein valaisin

Gingko Design

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Witnessing the stars and the Milky Way Galaxy in the night sky away from the cities is a surreal experience we rarely have the opportunity to enjoy. We all love looking at the stars and admiring their beauty in the night sky, but it is impossible with all the light pollution and cloudy night skies in the cities. This is where our Smart Galaxy Lamp comes in. Dim the lights in your room and switch the Gingko Design Smart Galaxy Lamp on, and bask in the glory of the stars and their awe-inspiring beauty from the comfort of your room. Product Material: walnut, white ash, and black wood base with PLA 3D printed galaxy

Size of wood base: 120x120x30 mm

Moon Diameter size: 140mm

Moon light colour temperature: 2700k-5000k depending on which light mode; warm white (3500k), white (5000k) and yellow warm (2700k)

Product weight: 800g Power input: 12V- 1A AC/DC adapter (included) LED power: 1.5 watts only

Packed in a premium gift box Designed in-house by Gingko Design in Warwick, UK.

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