Savukvartsi hiottu kärki | Assorted Quality | 30-40mm - Tarotpuoti

Savukvartsi hiottu kärki | Assorted Quality | 30-40mm

Pelham Grayson Rose

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Assorted Quality - images include some of the funkier looking pieces in this lot but they are all still uniquely beautiful!  Lots of natural inclusions, some pieces have natural chunks missing but are still polished to points

SMOKY QUARTZ grounding, transformation, letting go PROPERTIES:: Smoky Quartz is a form of quartz crystal in either a brown or black transparent color. It is one of the most efficient grounding and anchoring stones in the crystal kingdom. It has the unique ability to ground us, while simultaneously raising our vibration. Warding off undesirable energies, Smoky Quartz teaches us how to let go of all that does not serve us.

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