Soul Cards the Tarot Journal - päiväkirja/muistikirja - Tarotpuoti

Soul Cards the Tarot Journal - päiväkirja/muistikirja

Kristine Fredheim

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Soul Cardsin tekjän uutuuttaan hehkuva tarot päiväkirja!


The Soul Cards Tarot Journal is a sacred book in which you can note your daily tarot card pulls, meaningful messages and intuitive hits. By keeping track of past readings, you'll experience a deeper connection to your consciousness and the ritual of tarot. There's so much to learn about your higher self - our decks and journals can offer validation and guidance along your journey.

    • 200 pages
    • Anti-scratch matte laminated cover
    • Gold foil detailing and gold silk ribbon
    • Smith sewn binding
    • 15.5 cm x 23 cm

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