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Tarot Gothica - Janne Koivuniemi

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Tarot Gothica - leads the way from light to lighter and dark to darker, illuminating the circle of life. Learn to identify cycles that can be found hidden in the rhythms of each day, year, and throughout life by listening to your inner feelings and noticing that things occur in a certain order. Understand your shadows and lights, your own Devil and God, your fears and strengths.

Included: 78 cards.

Cards size: 9.53 x 13.36 x 5.08 cm (3 3/4″ x 5 1/4″ x 2″). Weight of the deck: 380 g. (0.84 lbs) (approx).

Includes instruction booklet (in English).

Plastic coated paper playing cards.

New, sealed. Made in China.

100% authentic, original product.


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