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Tarot: Intuition Through Interpretation - Virginia Santini

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This book is written as a companion book to The Spiritual Flower, which shows you how to prepare your cards and gives the complete individual interpretation of each card from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. Please also know that in each of these stories, when I refer to myself, I say "We." This is because it is not I who gives the answers to the questions asked, for it is a combined effort between Spirit, The Universe, and my Guides that the information is revealed. I am just the medium by which the message is delivered. Also, that the person looking for answers or information is herein referred to as the "Seeker." Any interpretations in bold print refer to today's language so this ancient information is easier to comprehend. This book encompasses many different stories that have been shared with us during my Life Path. IT IS A TEACHING BOOK: If you wish to be able to learn how to interpret Tarot cards then you would take your personal deck of cards and lay them out according to the configuration described in each of the stories. That way you can access the information that I gleaned and see if you arrive at the same conclusion. You might actually experience to some degree, what this person was going through because you will be connecting directly with their energy. What I'm attempting to do here is to help you to tune-into and sharpen your personal powers of perception. IT IS A STORYBOOK: This could also be considered a compilation of short stories showing what life is all about. And how the characters, by the choices each of them make, can either guarantee themselves something fulfilling or something challenging, and that by making those choices, we learn, grow and go forward. As I have traveled throughout the country, I have met some of the most interesting people and heard some outlandish and fantastic stories. If you experience any chills while you are doing this work, you will know that you have directly connected with the energies being presented to you.


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