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Tarot Of The Old Path - The Set - Sylvia Rodway Howard, Gainsford

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Tarot of the Old Path was created by two leaders of the Wiccan craft, with some of the most articulate voices in the movement as contributing advisors.
This unique deck serves as a modern approach to what is known as the magical Old Religion, the Craft, or the Old Path of female wisdom.
The deck’s vibrant artwork and clear symbolism holds just as much appeal for non-wiccan tarot readers.
Sylvia Gainsford incorporated her considerable knowledge of flowers into the tarot card imagery.
  • Created by the artist Sylvia Gainsford and the author Howard Rodway with the help of eight witches and representatives of the traditional Wicca Path. 78 Tarot cards are designed with psychic insights using an approach to the magical Old Path and an inspiring interpretation of how to stimulate and utilize inner intuitive forces.


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