Tarot of the spirit + sisältää kirjan - Pamela Eakins (PreLoved)(käytetty)

Pamela Eakins

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Kyseessä todella hyväkuntoinen Preloved pakka ja siihen iso uudenveroinen kirja, eli käytetty, uutta kotia etsivä

This 20th Anniversary Edition includes a clear film overlay of the Tree of Life, which illuminates the kabalistic mysteries of the deck, and provides additional levels of understanding each tarot card.

The Tarot of the Spirit is a companion book to the tarot deck painted by Joyce Eakins and is meant to pick up where other tarots leave off.  It is here to aid serious students on the esoteric path of the Western Mysteries.  Its reason for being is to provide assistance for inner awakening and continued spiritual practice.
Centered on the Qabbalistic Tree of Life, this symbolism clearly explores the Minor Arcana as a representation of the four components of life: spirit, emotion, intellect, and body while it reveals the Major Arcana to be the keys to our emotional response patterns to the symbolic universe in which we live. Includes seven monthly meditations, individual readings, and layouts.
Every concept presented in the book is essential in its context. Nothing has been reduced, neither has it been convoluted.  Every effort has been made to keep the interpretations clearly understandable.  Both this book and the deck are meant to be referred to again and again.  As the knowledge of the student deepens, the texts will take on greater meaning.


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