Teachings from Our Animal Spirit Guides: Harness the power of animals to liberate your spirit - Susie Green

Susie Green

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Discover the precious wisdom of 100 animals, birds, and insects, and learn how we may access their innate power for healing, empowerment, and everyday guidance.

Shamanism is an ancient practice of connecting with animals and the natural world. In�Teachings from Our Animal Guides, find out about shamanic journeys and how we too can learn to journey through meditation to uncover and explore our true selves, connect to the spirit world, and discover our animal guides. Animals have much to show us. Majestic Eagle inspires visions of the future, while wild, intelligent Wolf encourages cooperation with others. Busy Bee knows the rewards of hard work, while tiny Mouse teaches persistence. Susie Green details 100 animals and their characteristics which we may recognize in ourselves, or which may highlight the strengths we need to call upon to fulfill our potential. By increasing our sensitivity to the animals in the world around us, we open the way to enriching our wisdom, heightening our intuitive powers, and increasing our self-awareness.

Information: 144 (Hardback)

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