Tetsubin valurautainen emaloitu teekuppi


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Japanese style Tetsubin tea cup that perfectly match our Tetsubin tea pots. These elegant cast iron tea cups keep your tea hot for longer periods of time. The fully enamelled lining helps preserve the original taste of the tea and allows for easy care. Rest assured that it is safe and healthy without any chemical additives or lead.

Product specifications
Content: 65 ml
​Exquisite tea flavour
No chemical additives or lead
Clean with water and a mild detergent.
Not dishwasher proof.

koko 5.5x8cm

Japanese tea ceremony
Japanese and Chinese have used cast iron teapots for centuries to brew their finest teas & add artistic elegance to their household. A tea ceremony is a moment of serenity and relaxation during our busy daily life. Complete your tea ceremony with the Japanese style Tetsubin cast iron teacups, teapot warmer, protection plate and lid holder.


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