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The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck - Second Edition: 100 Animal Multi-Use Cards & Guidebook Normaaliversio (PRELOVED/KÄYTETTY)

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This is spirit animal oracle and tarot deck like no other; big, bold, and staggeringly beautiful. A combination tarot and oracle cards and book set, created by internationally acclaimed author and teacher Bernadette King, will excite and enliven your intuition and support you to embrace your own inner knowing. Animal oracle and tarot decks are an ancient and well-known spiritual technology and a highly regarded vehicle for deep inner work, and The Ark is no exception.

The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck is a 100 card, multi-use deck and full-size, 372-page full-sized full colour guidebook. The guidebook can be used as a substantial source of information and knowledge about the special and unique energy of each animal. This inspired animal tarot deck is a first of its kind for experts and novices alike and will become a considerable tool for personal and spiritual awakening and growth for its users. Consider keeping a journal of the cards you draw each day and be sure to spend some time studying the stunning animal images, so real you ll begin to regard them as friends. In this upgraded second edition, the booklet and cards are produced on top quality paper and card stock, and nested in a gorgeous keepsake box with magnetic closure; quality enhancements and production upgrades have been implemented to improve your user experience. Additionally, a powerful, signature tarot spread is now included. Both the book and deck are larger than average, making them easy to read, handle, and enjoy.


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