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The Art of Sigils : Discover your own creativity using ancient magical symbols - Gina Leslie

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This book grew, unintentionally, out of my work with sigils, which I've been making for over 10 years. One day I decided to make a sigil to generate prosperity through my creativity. One thing led to another and that sigil became the image on my business card. Other sigil designs followed that became artwork just for the sake of creating artwork. Some of the sigils inspired jewelry designs. At some point I took stock of at all the work I had done and realized I had enough to fill a book. That's how this book was born. As I told others of this project the most common response I got was “I’m not creative”. I believe that almost everyone is creative but I think most people equate Creative with Artist and so, don’t believe they they’re creative if they’re not making art. This book shows you how to wake up your dormant creativity to do whatever it is you like to do best, cook, decorate, build models or robots, write, dance, etc. If you already create Art but find yourself uninspired by a blank page, canvas or otherwise need a boost this book can help you too. In The Art of Sigils I show you my designs and give you a look inside my process, so you too can find inspiration.


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