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The Crystal Spirit Talking Board and Guidebook: A Spiritual Power Tool for Light Workers - Amy Zerner, Monte Farber

  • Amy Zerner
  • Monte Farber

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A talking board designed to connect with the Crystal Spirits and offer answers to life’s questions

The Crystal Spirit Talking Board is a powerful mandala of sacred crystal energy that can be used to tune into the messages from the Crystal Spirits through various symbols that combine with personal intention to provide answers to life’s questions.

The beautifully boxed kit contains:

• A unique board adorned with a mystical mandala design. Its power comes from the union of energies created among healing stones, sacred symbols, and intention. The design contains five different concentric “wheels”: the Wheel of Crystals, Wheel of the Moon, Wheel of Letters, Wheel of Words, and Wheel of Numbers, in addition to the eight Directions. When the board is incorporated into personal spiritual practice, it enhances creativity and intuition to become a powerful tool of self-transformation. The board has 15 Master Crystals in addition to power words, the moon phases, the eight directions, the numbers 0–9, and letters of the alphabet, which combine to create meaningful, insightful, and intriguing answers to life’s questions.

• A clear acrylic “Magical Message Indicator"

• A 40-page illustrated guidebook

The Crystal Spirit Talking Board is a spiritual "power tool” designed to help navigate a path to success in love, career, prosperity, and personal growth that can also enhance your psychic abilities and show you how you can commune with your spirit guides.


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