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The Golden Future Oracle: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook - Diana Cooper

  • Diana Cooper

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Find guidance on your spiritual journey, reassurance of better times to come, and tools to co-create the new Golden Age with The Golden Future Oracle.

We are moving toward a new fifth-dimensional Golden Age that will be a time of peace and happiness, when the world as we know it will have changed—beyond recognition—for the better.

In this beautiful 44-card oracle Diana Cooper offers inspiration to focus on the harmonious future that awaits us all. Using these cards will help you to:

* learn about the golden future
* raise your frequency
* awaken more of your twelve fifth dimensional chakras
* understand where you can direct your energy to help co-create the Golden Future
* focus on your higher ascension

and so much more!

Each card connects you with the spiritual beings overseeing each aspect of our Golden Future. Lady Nada will help you to tune into your divine health blueprint; Lord Gautama, as the embodiment of wisdom, will encourage you to trust that your needs will be provided for; and Universal Angel Butyalil will encourage you to accept yourself as a cosmic being.

The Golden Future Oracle will be your uplifting spiritual guide amidst the turbulence of modern-day life. It will guide you along this collective transformational journey toward a new age, and help you to act with higher consciousness so that you can attract more abundance and support from the universe.


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