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The Lantern Oracle - Angelina Mirabito

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Embark on a beautiful, soul-nurturing journey with the ever-present and loving light of the eternal feminine wisdom as your guide. Ask a question and connect with the Maidens, Mothers, Guardians and Crones of this profound and powerful deck for clarity, growth, assistance and healing. Use this deck to draw lessons, solutions, and insight from the shadows and be empowered to walk in truth and shine your light in the world. The 44 cards feature key phrases for immediate answers, and the guidebook offers further meaning so you can integrate a deeper understanding of the messages. With guidance for every stage and phase of life, "The Lantern Oracle" is a go-to deck for tapping into the supportive, caring, honest, and timeless divine sisterhood.

  • Included: 44 cards.
  • Cards size: 9.53 x 13.97 cm (3.75” x 5.5”), box size: 12.07 x 16.51 cm (4.75” x 6.5”).
  • Weight of the deck: 472 g. (approx).
  • Includes 144 page illustrated book (in English).
  • Plastic coated paper playing cards.
  • New, sealed. Made in China.
  • 100% authentic, original product.


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