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The Medicine Within: 13 Moons of Indigenous Wisdom, Ancestral Connection and Animal Spirit Guidance - Asha Frost

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Unlock the strength and wisdom in your own lineage, connect with ancestral guides and animal spirits, and discover the healing powers of Indigenous Medicine.

The Medicine you have been searching for lives within you. Follow the path of the 13 Ojibwe Moons with Animal Spirits and Ancestors as your guides as you unlock your connection to your own unique, inherent healing power. Through storytelling, ceremonies and Shamanic journeys, learn to apply ancient wisdom to your life in ways that are respectful and conscious of the stolen lands, lives and traditions of Indigenous peoples.

Discover how to:

- ground and root into your own lineage and meet your Ancestral guides
- practice self-care and rest on your journey
- return to Ancestral ways of cleansing and purifying
- trust and surrender so you can manifest and thrive
- release self-doubt, fear, disconnection and insecurity

'This beautiful book will breathe life into your soul and reconnect you to the medicine that has always been whispering within.'
Rebecca Campbell, bestselling author, mystic and mother

'Inviting us to connect to our own ancestral wisdom by sharing hers, Asha generously and lovingly shows us the way home. A must read for our times.'
Colette Baron-Reid, author and oracle creator

'Asha is the perfect guide to take our hands and lead us back home to ourselves, to help us ask brave questions and step forward with courage.'
Kaitlin Curtice, author of


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