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The Shimmering Veil Tarot - Cilla Conway

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The Shimmering Veil Tarot is the latest tarot from Cilla Conway, creator of The Intuitive Tarot, The Byzantine Tarot, and the Devas of Creation.

The concept behind the Shimmering Veil Tarot is that there are multiple dimensions of consciousness that lie all around us – and to access them, all you need to do is open a deck – well, of course, this deck! – of tarot cards.

This opens up a portal to the Mythic (the Realm where all stories, dreams, and myths reside). We are all familiar with this Realm, though perhaps not so much with the Archetypes – those figures such as the Hermit, the Devil, the World. These are what causes a shiver to run down our backs when we first encounter the Major Arcana of the Tarot: the 22 archetypes. In fact, the Shimmering Veil Tarot has 23 archetypes, as the Fool appears twice. First, as the innocent child, reaching for the pretty butterfly, with no concept of what lies before him; and at the last, the Golden Fool, who has moved into a state most of us will never comprehend, let alone reach.

The Shimmering Veil Tarot is painted in oils, each of the 80 images in the deck a work of art in its own right

***Please note there may be pirate versions of this deck – the book will be monochrome and the box will have the wrong publishing date (2019 instead of 2020). If you are ordering from this website, you can be sure that the deck you get will be authorised by Cilla Conway, the artist. If not … you may find that the quality is poor, if not completely substandard, and Cilla will take no responsibility for such decks.

Cilla Conway explains – ‘The Shimmering Veil Tarot had its birth in a series of synchronicities (or coincidences, if you prefer). I had nearly finished a painting called ‘Weaver’ of a powerful veiled priestess, but she needed something to hold. A friend, knowing my interest in higher-level Consciousness, suggested she could hold a matrix of 8-Dimensional Awareness that we’d seen online. Then another friend suggested adding the same matrix to an old painting of The Fool – and a lightbulb (or whatever a quantum lightbulb would be) went on in my head: a new Tarot, based on the concept of this multi-Dimensional Consciousness.’


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