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The William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination - Ed Buryn

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The William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination is a practical and inspirational tool for personal creativity that features the art and ideas of William Blake (1757–1827). Based on his central thesis that human creative imagination represents the divine aspect of man, this Tarot card deck represents something really new for William Blake—a way to take him home and get acquainted with him as never before possible. Unlike textbooks and critical studies, this deck presents his ideas and images in a manner that is easy to absorb, and much more fun. It contains 23 archetypal cards called Triumphs, plus a set of 56 Creative Process Tarot cards in four suits named Painting, Science, Music, and Poetry—which are Blake’s four primal expressions of Divine Imagination. Use this portable idea-kit to creatively explore personal and professional issues and discover meaningful insights into life's great mysteries. Ed Buryn 96 pp | 79 art cards | Box set


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