Tiibetiläinen äänimalja 706g n17cm (sis. kapulan) - Tarotpuoti

Tiibetiläinen äänimalja 706g n17cm (sis. kapulan)


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Dream away with the sounds of this handmade singing bowl. The bowl is decorated with typical Asian patterns and comes with a beater. Sounds from a singing bowl have a beneficial effect on body and mind. The sounds and vibrations help you to relax very deeply and release stress. It is even possible to go on a sound journey! Read all about this handmade singing bowl here.


What is a singing bowl?

Singing bowls are also called singing bowls because of their beautiful sound. Singing bowls originally come from the Buddhist communities around the Himalayas. The bowls were then used for eating, for offering sacrifices and for making sound. For example, the prayer of Buddhist monks always started with striking a singing bowl.

A singing bowl is used by means of a beater: by hitting the bowl with the beater you can create different sounds. Since the sounds of singing bowls promote deep meditation, the bowls are also popular in the West. The bowls are usually made from a combination of copper, silver, gold, and tin.


Singing bowl meditation, how does it work?

Sounds from a singing bowl have a relaxing effect on your nervous system. How exactly does this work? Our body consists of almost 70% water. The sounds of a singing bowl contain an intense vibration. This vibration also works through our body, which has a strong calming effect. Together with the beautiful sound of the singing bowl, a deep relaxation is induced. A singing bowl therefore helps in several ways as a therapy:

  • Harmonizing effect due to the vibrations that reach your body
  • The sound of a singing bowl promotes deep meditation and relaxation: so-called singing bowl meditation.
  • Stimulates a good night's sleep.
  • According to yoga experts, singing bowl meditation helps to open your chakras.

Singing bowl meditation is also called "sound journey". By taking in the beautiful sounds and vibrations, you go on a journey. You get completely free from the everyday hustle and bustle.


Handmade singing bowl: tips

This singing bowl is handmade for high sound quality. The bowl comes with a beater that also has a cushioning side. This gives more possibilities for creating various sounds.

There are all kinds of different singing bowls available. Each bowl is unique in terms of:

  • Material
  • Thickness
  • Sound
  • Format

Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy Quality

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