Triple Visions (Prisma Vision, Light Vision ja Cosma Vision pakat) - James R. Eads

James R. Eads

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Kaikki kolme upeaa James R.Eadsin pakkaa yhdellä napin painalluksella! 

Includes a Sixth Edition Prisma Visions Deck, A First Edition Cosma Visions Deck and a Third Edition Light Visions deck, with a discount!

Specifics of each deck:

  • The Cards are approximately 2.75" x 4.75".  The cards are printed with the highest quality inks on durable cardstock. Prisma Visions is finished with metallic silver edges and a matte UV coating, Cosma Visions is finished with Labradorite Blue edges and a matte UV coating and Light Visions is a printed on a soft matte paper with brilliant gold edges.
  • The Booklets are also 2.75" x 4.75", about 100 pages with a short introduction. The bulk of the guide explores the imagery of each card and their associated meanings.
  • The Boxes are one piece flip top clam shell boxes. Constructed with 1/8" thick cardboard and is printed with a matte finish. 
  • Each deck has a unique 79th card based on it's edition. 


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