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Voynich Manuscript: An Illustrated Guide to the Perplexing Puzzles (The True History of the Voynich Manuscript and Similar Works) - Lillie Berube

  • Lillie Berube

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This illustrated guide to the Voynich Manuscript is targeted mainly at those who have recently come across the book and are wondering what all the fuss is about, and why, after more than a century of effort, nobody has cracked its code yet. It should also be useful as a set of tests for those who believe they may have cracked the code, so that they can see how their solution matches up against each of the puzzles or notable features described. And finally, it is hopefully of interest to those already familiar with the manuscript - perhaps they will find something new or thought provoking within.

An examination of the many theories surrounding this enigmatic text, apparently written in code

* Reveals the connections between this work and the Cathars, Roger Bacon, and John Dee
* Explains the cryptanalysis methods used in attempts to break the code
* Includes color images from the manuscript juxtaposed with other medieval writings

This information, together with the images themselves, invites readers to form their own interpretations of this most famous of enduring mysteries.The elegant design of this Watkins edition is a fitting showcase for the manuscript's strangely beautiful cryptographic script and otherworldly illustrations, which include astrological, astronomy, herbal medicine and enigmatic drawings of naked women bathing.


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