Vuorikristalli obeliski n.6-10cm


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Rock crystal, or clear quartz, is a powerful healing stone and energiser. It stimulates clear thinking and perception. It supports you to connect with your inner wisdom. Purifies and strengthens both the energetic and physical body, such as the immune system.*

An obelisk is a powerful shape, also called a column of light, and is known as a symbol of resurrection. Placed as decoration in a living or work space, it enhances the feng shui of that space.

Note: This is a natural product, size and colour may vary.

*This information has not been scientifically proven, it is based on the experience of users and therapists. When in doubt about your health, consult a physician.Obeliski on voimakas muoto, sitä kutsutaan myös valon pilariksi. Obeliski tunnetaan myös ylösnousemuksen symbolina.

Kyseessä täysin luonnontuote, värit ja kuvioinnit voivat vaihdella.

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